S-x….S-x…..S-x!!! This thing means different
thing to different people. Some see it as an
abomination, some see it as an appealing
flavour that musn’t be over look, some look
at it as something that if at all should
occur it should be between Husband and
wife(iranu), some see it as a means of
showing love and care, some see it as a
means of testing fertility, some see it as
nothing special(hmmm, speechless) while
others see it as just pleasure and fun,
which ever ways, s-x is s-x and must be
enjoyed as long as it last.
I was home lonely that day, I couldn’t go to
school maybe because of my previous
jigijaga, I feel very tired and stressed up. I
got up brushed and took my bath,
Immediately I got out of the bathroom my
phone beeped, I checked and it was Bola,
she said “Hello” I answered “Hello bae”.
Bola “Am good please where are you now?”
“Am at home” I answered “Can u please
come to my shop now”? Gbagan!! Her
shop? This veejay don sure die!!
Huhuhuhuhuhu, pipipipipi, wo wo wo wo
wo! I sang in my head before I gave her my
reply. “Yea sure!! Who will see a charming
angel like you call on him and you won’t go
with full speed”? She was laughing sweetly,
“I never knew you are the flattery type ooo,
are you teasing me”? “C’mon B bae, am not
flattering you oo, you hypnotized my
system and as we are talking now an angel
has been missing in heaven, don’t worry, I
was looking for you since to give you up to
them but since I met you something told
me that you are an angel specially created
for people like me” “Hahahaha, your mouth
ehn! It can even make a lady wet her
panties, abeg ooo, don’t cause any wahala
ooo” “Bola, see, I don’t want only my
mouth to wet you I also want to…………ok
am coming to your place now, we shall talk
more” “hahahahaha, see you, are you
scared to say what is on your mind”?

“Nooo, not at all, but I would prefer talking
to you face to face. Am on my way now”
she then said “Ok welcome” and hung up.
I dressed up and left for her shop, few
minutes later I got to her shop, I was
percieving an aroma as she greet me with
a hug. “Welcome dear, you can have a
seat, I’m cooking but please which drink
will you like to take”? “Anything of your
choice” “Ok, na” she said, we started gisting
and before we knew it, the food has done,
she brought, Rice and Plantain with enough
Turkey meat. We ate and began to chat,
“So, tell me, are you new here and what are
you doing here”? “Well, am writing SSCE,
for now” “so how many months are you
spending”? “We will finish in 2months time
but I can stay as long as possible here” “k,
do you have a girlfriend here”? “Me? Yea I
have girlfriends but not Dating any” “why”
“No reason but since I found you ..but wait
are you the owner of this shop”? “Yes I am.
I manage this for the mean time but am
planning of opening a bigger one soon”
“wow!! Nice plan, so tell me, who is the
lucky guy”? “Lucky guy?, how what do you
mean”? “Your Man na, your personal
person” “Oh that? We broke up few weeks
ago” “Why if I may ask”? “Let’s forget
about that jare, it’s past tense”. Girls ba,
they don’t like discussing their Exs,
anyways, I was relieved when I heard, ‘we
broke up few weeks ago’ now ma plan is
still on point, chop, drink free shepe,and
bang free of charge, who say bouyo no
sweet? “Do u stay alone in your room or
you or you stay with someone”? I asked
just to clear air. “I stay alone, as you said I
should feel free to come to your house, you
too can feel free to come to mine, even
sleep over, you don’t have any problems”
“So you mean this night self I can sleep
over if I wished”? “Of course!! You can, any
day, any time. I don’t know why am doing
this but it seems I….I……I love you, I know
it’s not ideal, but I can’t help it but please
don’t see me as a w—e, I just couldn’t
sleep yesterday” “C’mon Bola, I do too, I
#FEEL for you believe me, so if we can
sleep together this night am gonna tell you
something” “Ok, I can’t wait to hear it my
Guys wow!! I just jam a jackpot ooo, awoof,
but them say awoof the spoil belle sha. I
told her I will come back in the evening as I
left. I got to my house and as I settled
down, Rabiat call came in……

To be continued


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