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Kofo grasped Alice’s hands praying in tears
all through the night. While praying, many
thoughts went through her mind. Her
husband was an occultist? Her daughter
was unconcious, she might probably die
and the demon she saw earlier.
‘oh God help me!! Do not forsake me now.
I need you more than ever. Save my
daughter oh lord!!’ she prayed in tears. The
tears travelled down her cheeks and as she
opened her mouth to pray, she tasted the
saltiness of her tears.
‘Jesus, please keep my daughter alive. She
is all i have now. Protect her for me oh
God. No evil fashioned against her shall
prosper’ she said over and over.
She sobbed, opened her eyes, reached for
the olive oil on the table close to her,
opened it, muttered a quick prayer before
pouring a little quantity into Alice’s open
Then she prayed again, she didnt even
know when she slept off.
It was exactly 2.45am when Kofo thought
she heard Alice sneeze in her sleep. She
opened her eyes and saw Alice gasping for
breath with her eyes wide open.
‘my God! Alice!!’ Kofo screamed, she
couldnt hide her excitement.
‘shhh, my dear, dont say anything’ Kofo
said with a smile as tears flowed from her
eyes again. Immediately, she knelt down
with her hands in the air.
‘thank you Jesus for answering my prayers’
Kofo prayed.
‘mum, what happened?’ Alice asked looking
directly into Kofo’e eyes. The hostility
which was always there was no more, what
she saw was love and concern.
‘you dont remember anything?’ Kofo asked.
‘nothing. I only remembered attending
father’s funeral and then Stella came to our
house and…..’
‘who is Stella?’ Kofo asked.
‘one b—h like that’ Alice replied ‘its nothing
‘are you sure?’
‘i’m very sure mum’
‘so what else do you remember?’
‘i dont know mum, but if i try to remember
something more, my head bangs’ Alice said
and Kofo sighed in relief.
‘dont bother yourself dear. There’s nothing
to remember, we’ve been together all day’
Kofo said.
‘but mum, what happened to me? I’m
‘uhm….nothing’ Alice said.
Kofo reached for Alice’s hands and
squeezed it gently.
‘my dear, i want to tell you something’ Kofo
‘what is it mum?’
‘you know, there are many unseen forces
sorrounding us. You might not know. Every
one has enemies, it might be in your
working place, in your church, here in your
house, your son’s school, just name it but
there’s one thing that you should always
do and thats pray. Always pray my dear, in
the morning pray, in the afternoon pray, in
the evening pray. Praise the lord so that
your problems will disappear’ Kofo said as
more tears streamed down her cheeks.
‘mum, why are you crying?’ Alice asked like
a little kid.
‘i dont know. I….i….just want to cry. I’ve
heard alot of things that i cant
comprehend. I’ve seen a lot of things, i
dont know how to deal with them. Should
we leave this house? Should we leave this
country? Should we just set everything
ablaze and live a new life. I also read alot
of things, so many atrocities committed, so
many wrongs done. I cant just explain’
Kofo said sobbing uncontrollably.
‘i dont understand mum, what are you
talking about?’ Alice asked.

Kofo brought out a red diary from under
the bed and handed it over to Alice who
remembered seeing something like this
somewhere but couldnt place where.
‘what is this?’ Alice asked.
‘the words there were written by your
father, with his blood. All the atrocities he
committed. Your father was an occultisi my
dear. He killed your fiance Benjamin, he
killed my parents, he killed his sister, your
aunt. He killed people, alot of people. Its
also written there that he would have killed
me also but i was replaced by your next
suitor. He would have killed anyone that
comes for your hand in marriage had he
been alive. My dear, its all written there in
your father’s handwriting, he is devil. I
regret marrying him, i didnt even know who
i married, its a shame’ Kofo said crying like
a baby.
Those word sounded like nonsense to
Alice’s ears. Infact, it was nonsense. How
dare her mum call her dad a devil. In her
own view, her mum was a devil.
‘mum, i dont believe all of this. They are
like nonsense to me. If you had a problem
with dad before his death, why dont you
forget about it now he is dead. I saw how
you cried and even fainted when he died
but now, you are just turning him into a
bad person in my eyes. How and why
would he kill Benjamin or your parents? For
what reason? You dont even know how to
lie mum’ Alice said angrily.
Kofo cried the more.
‘you dont believe?’ she asked.
‘yes mum, i dont believe you!! I dont know
why you cant seem to let bygones be
bygones sef!!’
Kofo lost it and slapped her hard on the
‘before trying to judge me, why not go
through the diary first? I bet you know your
father’s handwriting so you wont call it
sham after reaing it!!’ Kofo fired turning to
leave the room, then she stopped and
turned to Alice.
‘i have a secret i’ve always wanted to tell

To be continued


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