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Gilbert knocked on the gate several times
before it was opened by the gateman.
‘good evening’ Gilbert greeted taking a
quick look inside the compound.
‘na who you dey find?’ the hausa man
asked in pidgin without even bothering to
answer Gilbert’s greetings.
‘i’m looking for one slim, fair tall lady that
lives here. Her name is Amaka or Amy,
anyone you know’ Gilbert said.
The fat looking yoruba man regarded him
for a while in confusion before
remembering who he was talking about.
‘oh! Sisi eko? Any problem?’ he asked.
‘no problem, is she in?’ Gilbert asked.
‘yes, she just drive enter, come inside’ the
gateman said opening the gate wider for
Gilbert to enter.
Gilbert entered with a smile playing on his
‘thank you’ he said and just as he moved a
step further, he stopped, turning to the
gateman ‘where is her flat?’ he asked.
‘that one wey red motor park front of. Na
her motor be that’ the gateman said.
‘alright. Thanks once again’ he said and
Amy returned home feeling very tired,
immediately she inserted her keys into the
keyhole and opened the door, she quickly
fell into a cushion in the sitting room and
took off her shoes, gasping for breath.
She switched on the television to watch her
favourite soap opera which started five
minutes ago before she could shower ,
prepare dinner and sleep off.
No sooner had she switched on the
television set and fixed her eyes on the tv
when she heard a knock on the door.
She was surprised because she wasnt
expecting any visitors and Alice would not
come to her house by this time, at least her
father’s burial was that day. After returning
from the funeral of Fred, she went to her
fiance’s house, Kelvin and spent sometime
there before returning home.
When another knock landed on the door,
she staggered on her feet to the door and
opened it.
‘hi Amy’
She took deep look at the uninvited guest
and was shocked to the marrow when she
saw Gilbert.
‘Gilbert?’ she asked with uncertainty.
‘good evening dear, wont you let me in?’
Gilbert answered with a smile.
‘for what?’ Amy wanted to ask but decided
not to. Afterall. He hadnt done any wrong
to her, the only wrong he did was to keep
bugging her friend for her love.
‘come in’ she said opening the door wider
as Gilbert entered proudly while Amy locked
the door.
‘have a seat’ she said trying to be as polite
as possible.
‘thanks’ Gilbert said as he sat down and
crossed his legs with a smile on his lips.
Amy also took a seat opposite him.
‘hmm, so do what do i owe this august
visit?’ she asked ‘and how did you even
find my place?’
Gilbert smiled and rubbed his palms
‘it isnt necessary to know how i found this
place you know’ he said.
‘hmm, so what is necessary?’ she asked.
He smiled broadly and stood up moving
towards her.
‘hmm, you want to know?’ he asked seating
close to her and grabbing her hands.
Amy slowly snatched it from his hand an
stood up.
‘yes….i do want to know what brought you
here’ she said with her voice a little stern.
‘babe chill. Look, if you want to be nice, i
will be nice, i do not want to use force on
you but remember that you can force me to
do so’ Gilbert said.
Amy scoffed ‘are you threatening me or
Gilbert stood up with a smile ‘oh no dear,
i’m not threatening you, i would never do
such. At least, not to the friend of my love’
‘cut the crap Gilbert. Abeg, just leave my
house. I dont like the tone of your voice. Its
kindha annoying’ Amy said as Gilbert
moved closer and she moved back.
‘i should leave your house?’ Gilbert asked.
‘Yes do and please dont come any closer’
Amy warned and Gilbert stopped moving
thinking of his next line of action.
‘okay, but just hear me out please?’ he
pleaded in such a way that melted Amy’s
‘okay, but you must promise to be a
gentleman okay?’
‘i will’ he said, smiled as his plans were

‘wh….where did you get thi…..s thing from?’
Kofo stammered as tears began to stream
down her cheeks as she sa the photo of
her beloved father and mother.
‘under your bed’ Alice said sobbing.
‘why are the pictures of only late people be
in this briefcase and why are the pinned
with heavy nails?’ Kofo asked ‘hope its now
what i’m thinking?’
Alice looked up at her. ‘what are you
thinking mum?’
maybe….’ Kofo just couldnt get the words
out of her mouth.
Alice scattered the briefcase and brought
out a single key. She took it, raced towards
the door and Kofo followed her briskly.
Angela was about to follow when Kofo
stopped and turned to her.
‘its a family matter so please stay out of
this!!’ she warned sternly ‘you dare not
cough a word of any of this to anyone, am i
‘ye….yes ma’ Angela replied.
Kofo sighed and went after Alice and found
the door open and went inside.
Immediately she entered inside, she heard
a loud bang and the next thing she saw
was Alice lying unconciously on the floor
with foam gushing out of her mouth.

To be continued


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