I had swore never to eat any girl pu**sy but I
did not know when I starting eating Aisha
pu**sy, I was licking and sucking her pu**sy
as if my whole life depended on it.
Aisha let out soft moans upon moans as I eat
deeper.. I tried fingering her but she kept
moving her hips signifying pains.. By this time
my boxer is already soaked with my pre-
Pour.. I pulled off my boxer, as I climbed
ontop of her, I started kissing her again as I
lead my curvey 7 inch d!ck into her wet
pu**sy, when I tried pushing in, my d!ck did
not enter and the way she was doing means
she was feeling pains..
I got up, open a small drawer on my wall and
then I brought out a small S£x lube and I
started lubricating my d!ck with it. What is
that she managed to ask? Its a S£x cream.
Hope its not harmful she said? Nah its not I
assured her..
I climbed ontop of her again and this time
slowly and steady I started using my d!ck cap
to tease and rub her clit, I slowly entered her
pu**sy, as she squeeze her face in pains.
Gently I pushed in deep and she bit her lips
hard in pains, I felt as if I had burst something
in her, she was super tight and very hot
I gradually started Fork*ng her, after about 10
thrust, the pains on her face reduced and I
gradually increased the tempo. Since she
seems weak I did not want to indulge her in
any style. Missionary is okay for me.
I was drilling her hard as her tight pu**sy
began to take my deep penetration. Anytime I
push in deep, she will hold my bed sheet tight.
After about 20mins of hot S£x, I wanted to
explode so I quickly pulled out of her pu**sy
led my d!ck to a corner of my bed sheet and I
poured my hot fluid there.

While stile lying gently on her, I wanted to
hold her hands to tell her how happy I was for
what she just gave me. I wanted to confess
my Love to her again and then I saw some
strains of bloods on the hand I used to lead
my d!ck out of her pu**sy when I wanted to
I quickly got up, I looked at her pu**sy and
saw that it was stained with blood. Infact the
place she laid her butt on my bed sheet was
soaked with blood.
Aisha are you a virgin I asked her softly… Yes
I was, but am not anymore because you just
deflowered me as her eyes were soaked with
tears. Am so sorry dear, I never knew you
were, I held her tight.. Kissed her on her
What do we do, you are bleeding.. Should I go
to the chemist and get you some drugs? What
kind of drugs should I buy? What should I get
you? Should I buy Lucozade? What should I
go and buy for you? I was mumbling like a
It’s okay, I will take care of myself for now she
said.. No you cannot take care of yourself..
You look weak.. I quickly made thick cold
water tea for her and I forced her to drink it..
While she was drinking the tea, I was cleaning
her up..

To be continued


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