DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 15


I stood up from my bed and walked to the
kitchen to see if I could fixed myself
something to eat or maybe there is no
need because they have prepared food
already for me.
I got to the kitchen and took my food, rice
and stew made with fish and livers. I was
at the dining table eating when Tracy
appeared again.
This time I didn’t panic because I was
already getting used to her presence
around me.
Tracy: at the count down of five, should I
say the goodnews for me and badnews for
you will be waiting for you at your
Me: *in my mind* what is she talking
Tracy: five, four, three, two, one, zerooo!!
She disappeared.
*door bell rings*
Me: *quiet*
Abdul: small madam.
Me: abdul is that you?
Abdul: yo wa madam, na me fa.
Me: am coming.
I said and hurriedly went to the door where
he stood looking at me.
Abdul: Inawuni small madam (good
Me: lafiya (responded to his greeting) So
what’s up.
Abdul: walahi natin go am for up I swear. I
get am por two oga where dey look am for
Me: ok, let them in.
Abdul: enh?
Me: open the gate for them oo.
He ran and opened the gate for them and
they walked inside all dress in suit.
1st man: good day, are you miss Diana.
Me: *ok, jamb question have started* Yes I
am any problem?
2nd man: we were sent from Farouk
specialist hospital. Hope you do know
doctor Konami?
Me: yes, our family doctor.
1st Man: good, am sorry but you should
know this, your parents were involved in a
ghastly motor accident.
“your parents were involved in a ghastly
motor accident”
“your parents were involved in a ghastly
motor accident”
where the only words playing in my head
as I passed out.
I stoop up in an unknown place and
behold, the same thing I saw in that mirror
Tracy gave to me were before me..
Three coffins. Me in the middle and my
dad and mum by my sides.
Just then Tracy ascended from the ground.
Tracy: stubborn Diana. You have the power
to stop all these.
Me: *crying* why Tracy, what have I ever
done to you.

Tracy: common Diana, the Queen mother
can save your parents it’s not too late. All
you need do is to join our sisterhood.
Me: I don’t know. I seriously don’t know.
Being a mermaid, no you guys are wicked.
Why are you doing this to my family.
Tracy: hmm, we are not wicked. We can
save your family. We can double your
wealth and your beauty shall beam across
all the corners of the earth.
Me: please don’t do anything bad to my
parents please, don’t kill them.
Tracy: then are you ready to join?
Tracy: good!
She said and disappeared.
I woke up in Farouk specialist hospital. I
could see some nurses running around.
Nurse 1: am not sure if those two couples
will survive.
Nurse 2: our best doctors Konami and
Farouk are their in the surgery room with
them. Let’s just pray they survive.
I knew they were talking about my parents
and it was from here and now that I was
very determined to join the MERMAIDS if
that is the only surviving options left for
my parents.
Is Diana making a good choice?
Can the mermaids keep to their words of
saving her parents from death?
All these and more in the next exciting and
thrilling episode of DIANA.

To be continued


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