I got home and read a little for the exam
though i dont know the type of question they
will set but at least i still scroll through my
book and read some past question papers.
The following morning after my mummy left to
work around 9:30am i dress up and prepare
myself to enter evbiamen grammar school, i put
on fine jeans trouser and a nice polo shirt,
come deck trailers shoe and a nice spec join, i
use georgio armani spray myself (them get
perfume?), i look myself for mirrow “waoh i
think i look good i wish i go fit i go just marry
myself lol,.
I took my writting materials and enter road, i
trek from my house to the school of course i
follow her street (justina) but everyhere was
quiet, everybody don go farm, ogute people too
like farm.
I enter the street of the school, i saw some
student’s on uniform, some wey know me just
they look like wetin this ajebutter boy they find
for here, lol no be only ajebutter na ajebread.
I enter the school, they get three buildings, all
those long long building wey they long like
snake, two face each while another one wey
they middle face the school road, i enter the
first building and i ask one girl i saw where they
are writting the exam, she direct me to the new
building say i should enter the third room, i
thank her and follow her direction, see as
people just sit down for outside they lick
mango, oh yeah they have like four mango
trees and 2 cashew trees inside the school.
Some guys wey know me just they hala me
Guy1: “oz how far”
Guy2: “ozigberigbe” lol i hate that name
One guy came to me and ask
Guy: , wetin you come find for our school?”
Me: good morning bro, abeg where them they
write the exam.
Guy: na the exam you come write?
Me:na so oh,.
Guy: then why you nor wear uniform?
Me: waoh them they wear uniform.
Guy: yes na, if you nor wear them nor go let
you enter oh.
Me: chai abeg you fit borrow me your unform,
Guy: we get class now oh, but if you go give
me something i fit skip the class sha.
Me: like how much na?
Guy: anything 200.
Me: chai guy, na buy i wan buy am, abeg i go
give you 50 bucks.
Guy: Oz, big bros like you, no wahala sha, come
make we go back go change.
Me: oya lead the way.
I followed him to the back of the school and we
exchange our dresses, i climb the step of the
building and walk to the third class, make una
come see people, chai people like free things
sha, some people no even sit down self na
stand them stand, and one man stay front they
advice them, i follow the back door and enter
gently and stand with other guys at the back,
even men wey don born follow wan write SSCE

INVIGILATOR: This exam is met for the poor, for
those who cannot be able to pay their fees due
to one reason or the other, we know many of
you even you standing at the back (pointing at
one bros) you have three children, i wonder
why you are here, we know you by face so dont
expect to be incuded even if you write,.
The instruction is straight, fill the empty sheet
given to you and you must be from owan east,
just 20 questions only, please answer correctly,
your sheet will be pass to you now.
They pass the sheet around, i see the question
and i smile.
Ques1: who gave the forbidden fruit to adam?
Ques2: who defeat goliath?
Like seriously, them think say na primary school
pupils they here and why religious questions
only? i just answer everything and summit e no
even take me five minutes and na me be first to
finish, imagine some people still they find where
them go copy, make una come church una no
go gree.
I left the hall and look for the boy that gave me
his uniform, i saw him under the mango tree.
Guy: una don finish?
Me: yes thanks alot, make we go that same
place abeg.
We exchange uniform and of course i gave him
the fifty naira and hed home, he said his name
is junior (i guess hes reading this story) after i
don waka like five minutes on my way close to
main road i saw two guys on suit, standing
beside a nice car, they look familiar but i dont
remember their faces, i walk pass them then i
heard “hey you wait”, i look back and saw them
walking towards me with haste, then i
remember the two guys from the motor
accident i pick race like thunderbolt while they
pursue me like mad dog.

To be continued


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