I ran back to the school maybe i can outrun
them inside the street or maybe inside school.
As i they run i look back and i saw that they
two step closer na wa oh, na petrol them they
use they run?.
Guys: stop running man.
Lol for wetin happen last time make i stop
running lol that one no go happen, i run back to
the school and follow the back of the first
building and enter farm road surprisely they
followed m,e make i they carry them go farm
na maybe we go go finish my mummy farm
wey they this area, i continue running towards
Amen road (farm road, i look back and i saw
that they are slowing down but they didnt stop i
continue running faster till i get to one bridge, i
look back and i didnt see them again, so i stop
and cross over to the river to take a sip, i bend
down and use my hand to fetch the water then
drink just like gideon and the three men, i did
that twice, as i was about to drink the third
time, i have a kind of feeling that somebody is
looking at me so i look up and i saw her, sitting
alone below a big tree the same girl i saw that
night and same girl in that picture, i was shock
that i just magnet like that, opening my mouth
about to drink the water like say them pause
me with remote.
Girl: i hope i didnt distract you?
Jesus see voice like angel, you know that
charming voice celine dion use to sing “A New
Day Has Come” exactly like that.
Girl: heelllooooo, are you there.
I was still in static mode, looking at her from
head to toe will make you wet, she wore white
gown that show her lap, and the gown is a bit
transparent thereby showing her pant a little.
Girl: helloo, she wave her hand in a way to wake
me up.
Me: (i blink my eye) yeah, sorry i was so lost in
your beauty.
Girl: oh good you are found now.
Me: am sorry but i have to go.
Girl: are you afraid. (who no go fear, you just
sit down like that for inside bush only you).
Me: me afraid, no ho what will i be afraid?
( how can i be afraid in the presence of a
beautiful girl like this, her beauty alone will
quench any fear in you)
Girl: okay good, am elizabeth you can call me
lizzy for short, she straight her hand for me to
come shake her.
I was so afraid that i walk with ultimate care
and shaky legs to shake her, see as her hand
soft, she wore many rings on her hand with
dark necklace on her neck.

Me: am Oziegbe you can me ozes for short.
Lizzy: nice to me, what are you doing here by
the way? Please take me up.
I hold hand and pull her up, waoh shes tall too,
nice shape just like genevieve.
Me: i just came to pick somethings up.
Lizzy: waoh only you?
Me: no oh, we are 20.
Lizzy: so where are the rest?
Me: i left them to come drink water, infact they
will be here soon.
Lizzy: okay can we go now.
Me: go where?
Lizzy: house.
Me: no oh, you can go i want to wait for them.
Lizzy: come on please, i just want a company
back home.
Me: okay no problem (do i have a choice, shes
so beautiful), so what are you doing here by the
way? I manage to ask.
Lizzy: i was after some guys.
Me: some guys who?
Lizzy: nah you wont understand, they took
something that belong to me and i must get it
Me: something like what.
Lizzy: dont worry, you wont understand, so tell
me mr ozes where do you live?
We walk gently back to the community.
Me: downtown ogute, you?
Lizzy: well i stay in afuze.
Me: hmmm thats nice, and you followed the
guys from afuze to this place?
Lizzy: no actually i was tracking somebody
before i meet them.
We walk slowly till we reach main road,
Me: who are you tracking.
Lizzy: some guy like that, anyway we will talk
next time, let me have your contact.
we exchange contact with each other before i
stop bike for her, she enter the bike and zoom

To be continued


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