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DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 16


DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 16


Me: what am I going to do? I have no other
option than to become a mermaid or else
my parents will die. Or God, Just save me.
Just then, Tracy appeared inside the
hospital ward.
Me: Tracy, please and please I beg you.
Spare my parents. I don’t want them to die.
Tracy: then if you don’t want them to die,
you know the exact thing to do.
Me: don’t worry, I will become a mermaid
but not now.
Tracy: when?
Me: at least, let me write my waec and
Jamb first. Get into a university and then, I
will join.
Tracy: never!!! It’s gonna take a lot of time.
Me: no it won’t, have you forgotten that I
am going to partake in this upcoming
Tracy: no I haven’t.
Me: very good because now I need time. I
really need to read in other to pass my
exams. I need time to get prepared for my
exams. I don’t want to fail please. Once I
passed, I am going to become a mermaid.
Tracy: are you sure this is not one of your
Me: will I be playing with my parents live?
Please just give me time to pass my exams
first and I shall run to you guys
Tracy: ok, If you say so. Let me speak with
the queen to hear her say in this.
She said and disappeared.
Nurse: Doctor, Doctor ooo. This patient is
running mad. He has been very busy
talking to the wall since.
The nurse kept shouting as she dashed
away into the doctor’s office. Soon, I
started hearing different footsteps which
means that more nurses are coming into
my ward.

Tracy appeared in front of the queen
Queen: so, what did she say?
Tracy: she said she has agreed to become
a mermaid.
Queen: hahahaha. Nice one Tracy. You
really did a nice job o.
Tracy: *bowed a little* thank you very
much queen mother.
Queen: so when is she coming for the
Tracy: that’s the problem on ground Queen
Queen: how?
Tracy: you do remember that we are writing
waec and Jamb this year? So she said she
needs time, more time to study and read
really really hard.
Queen: that means that she won’t be
disturbed for sometimes.
Tracy: *silent*
Queen: well, we have to do everything
possible to appear good and gentle to her
so that she will not have this mindset that
we are evil.
Tracy: so?
Queen: let her prepare for waec and Jamb
this year. But first, she must give me her
words. That means, becoming a mermaid
as long as we let her write her waec and
jamb and offer her an admission into any
university of her choice.
Tracy: so that means we are playing this
music according to her dance step.
Queen: yes of course, soon enough, Diana
will become a mermaid. Hahahaha..

To be continued


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