DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 36


I couldn’t move as I stood at one place in
fear. I turned around and saw Diana
standing with boldness.
The capon left his guys and came to us. He
smelt of hard drugs. Wearing his black and
black, I surely know that he is with a
deadly weapon before us, it could be a gun
or knife.
Capon: can I have a word with you?
Diana: me?
She asked in a surprised tone while I just
kept looking at them as if i was watching a
Capon: yes, privately.
Diana: hahaha, am afraid that will not be
possible. If there’s anything you want to
talk, say it right here.
She said and I began to think if she is
actually mad. Did she know who she is
talking to? A whole capon of the BLACK
If he wants us dead, he’d just snap his
fingers and that will be all.
Me: I think it will be better if I excuse the
both of you.
I said foolishly and Diana gave me a look
of disgust at my inability to manup. The
capon only smiled as he saw that I was
somehow afraid.
Capon: yea, you better do.
I was about to excuse them and run for my
life. Did I say run? I mean zoom for my life.
My mother isn’t rich neither is my dad.
They toiled hard and suffered just to make
sure that I entered the university and I
think getting myself killed because of a girl
isn’t a good way to payback their kindness
towards me.
I was about to go when Diana held me
firmly preventing me from taking a step.
Diana: he goes nowhere.
She said and I almost peed in my body.
The worst thing is that if this guy wants to
retaliate, then I will be the one to suffer it
because he won’t touch her.
Capon: when I say something, when I give
command, people do obey and tremble
under my voice. You have got a lot of guts
girl and that might be too risky for your
Diana: is that a threat or what? You are too
powerless to hurt a fly not to talk of
hurting me.
She said in anger and the fear in me
Capon: are you actually talking to me in
that manner. Do you know who you are
talking to?
Diana: mtcheew!!
She hissed. I looked around in fear and
saw that students has began to gather
from afar, looking at the scene being
created by Diana and Capon.
Diana: you are too full of yourself. I just
pity you, you think like a child and behave
as one. If only you knew who you are
talking to, you should have been bowing
down for me.
Capon: bow down for a girl like you…
He said in disgust.

Diana: you know what, I don’t spend my
quality time chatting and exchanging
words with a jobless lowlife like you. If you
are looking for a girl to warm your bed,
check around the campus and you will see
one. I am Diana, you can’t have me. The
one I love is here with me..
Capon: *referring to me* you mean this
He said pointing at me. Many students
have gathered, watching the
embarrassment of capon. Diana just eyed
him, took me by my hand as we left the
Diana: *shouting back at him* yes, a
weakling who has fought and won my love,
not a big headed proud goat like you.
The whole students burst into rounds of
laughter and the rest cultist of BLACK AXE
group got into action. Soon, the students
who were laughing all ran while the ones
they caught was beaten.
Capon: guys, lets go. We have got a little
payback time to get prepared for.
He said and took his guys away.
Even though Diana behaved bravely, I was
d–n scared. Did she just insult the leader
of black axe? I know someone will pay for
her sins and my greatest fear shouldn’t
come to pass.
They will revenge everything she did on my
What happened next?

To be continued


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