DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 37


we later got home and immediately we
entered inside, I didn’t mind if she was
there or not. I simply fell down and started
Images of people the black axe have killed
because of this same reason started to
flash back in my head. Me thinking I will
become one of them only made matter
worst for me.
Diana: baby, why are you crying?
Me: don’t baby me o. You are talking as if
you are not in this university. Do you
wanna tell me that you have forgotten so
soon what the BLACK AXE did to other
boys because of this same case?
Diana: hahaha, nothing will happen to you.
Me: easier said than done. You are lucky,
very lucky. They don’t touch girls. They
only touch boys and I know I must suffer
for this little thing you just did.
Diana: haba my love. Stop saying that.
Nothing will happen to you.
Me: *silent and continued crying*
Diana: please naw, I am begging you my
love. I cross my heart and I will to die,
nothing will happen to you, honest!!
Me: *still crying*
Diana: should I call the police?
Me: oh, my mum and dad, they will surely
miss me.
Diana: hahahaha, would you stop that?
She said admist laughter and it provoked
me a lot. Lo and behold. I am telling
someone that my life is at risk and what
she could do is to laugh at me.
I got so angry at her I don’t care attitude. It
could be that it was because her life is
safe that’s why she is doing me like this.
Well, I don’t blame her.
For now, I need a cold and nice place to
rest and be able to think and so far, our
apartment is not the place I need, So I
stood up and head to the door.
Diana: idris, where are you going?
Me: since you are laughing and you don’t
care about my safety, why don’t I go and
tell my problem to the people who love and
care for me.
I said and I knew that my statement got
her, she was hurt but I am in no mood to
apologise to her.
Diana: *very angry* fine, you weakling. A
boy like you is trying to snatch your
girlfriend away from you and all you could
do is to hide like a coward?
Me: yes, I agree that I am a coward. In
fact, I am the biggest coward of this
century. The other boys who tried to show
that they are brave, where are they now, all
dead and gone because they decided to
show braveness.
Diana: and you have nothing to be afraid
of. You won’t die. I promise you that. All
he said earlier was totally rubbish, you
won’t die.

She said coming closer to me. She held my
face and cleaned the dried tears on them.
Me: are you sure?
I said to her still doubting.
Diana: yes I am sure. I have a secret plan
that I will use against them and believe me
it will work.
I was so delighted at the mentioned of
secret plan.
Me: so what is the secret plan all about.
Diana: hello, I said it is a secret plan.
Me: so you are hiding it from me.
Diana: not so, if i tell you, you might be
afraid and the plan won’t work.
My cheeks turned red in embarrassment
but I shoved it off. I hugged her and she
whispered into my ears.
Diana: sorry I called you a coward.
Me: sorry I behaved as one. Truth is, I was
only scared. Thanks for your words of
Diana: it’s nothing, it’s nothing.
I never knew what came into me as I drew
back, held her face and planted a deep
kiss on her lips.
What happened next?

To be continued


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