She was sleeping like a baby, i look at her fine
lips like
marshmellow, i was tempted to kiss her but i
was afraid she will wake
up, so i slowly got up from bed and tiptoed out
of the room with my
clothes on my hands, i enter parlour and wear
my clothes i check time
after five, waoh time don go oh, i see her purse
for table i took it
and open it, i saw bundles of naira inside i took
200 naira and
quickly ran out of the house, this time the door
open, but why e no
gree open before na, yeye they smell.
I walk to the main road where i enter bike, the
bike carry me go house
direct without any hold up, and when i got
home i saw our door locked
with a different key, all those italy key wey they
strong pass rock,
even if you carry hammer wan take break am,
the hammer itself go
break, na wa oh, na those nonsense police go
lock our door like that,
but wait were my mummy they cus i never even
see her, e be like say
she sleep for store i for enter road go meet her
but day never break
well, i think the time should be around 5:30am
now, so i sat at the
front of our door waiting for day to break, i
hope my phone is secured
inside because i nor trust naija police, i relax for
my frontage when
sleep begin dey border me, i never sleep since
morning because of
police and lizzy, and by the way wetin she they
talk self about me
being a half human and half merman, wetin be
the meaning of merman
self, i think say na only mermaid them they see,
is there anything
like merman? I dont know maybe when they
break i go check am from
If i be merman i for they see sign na, or wait!
wait!! wait!!!.
I have many things that other people dont
have, since i was born i
have never seen anybody palm as white as
mine, during harmattan season
my hand they white like kilode, (till now my
hand still they white,
and worse during harmattan season) some
people say i dont have blood
there thats why, but is that really a sign of
being a merman? one more
thing, any time i mistakely burn my hair on my
body, within two days
the hair don grow back, and also since i was
born nobody has ever beat
underwater, because of that my ex girlfriend
they call me witch, i
remember how i won a brand new wristwatch
on one faithful day when we
were dong competition for who will be the last
person to come out from

Hmmmmm i dont think all this signs are
concrete enough to convince me
that am a merman, well i will have to find out
no matter what. I look
up day don dey break small small, i stood up
and went to look for the
carpenter, i enter his house and knock on his
“na who they there”
Me: bros na me abeg i need your help.
Carp: chief Oz na you be that?
Me: yes.
Carp: okay i they come.
He open the door and signal me to come in, see
as him room they smell
badly, i look bed and saw Justina sister, i wasnt
surprise at all
after all na him girlfriend.
Carp: wetin happen wey you come visit me this
early morning.
Me: abeg i need your handsaw.
Carp: wetin happen
Me: i forget my key and i wan break the door.
Carp: na hammer you go carry na.
Me: hammer no fit break am.
Carp: you they craze, shey na white house e be
wey hammer no fit break am?

To be continued


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