Alice felt hungry, tired and nauseous. She
hadnt had anything to eat since yesterday
and she hadnt seen Tony since today. She
was scared. She didnt want him to
abandon her. And then she wondered if her
mother knew where she was.
She looked at the other inmates of the cell,
they were looking skinny and had dark
circles around their eyes, they looked like
She relaxed on the cold wall, she was very
hungry and very tired.
The cell opened and a policewoman who
she later knew to be to Ekaite entered.
‘come, person wan see you’ Ekaite said and
Alice knew she was the one Ekaite was
referring to her because she pointed at her.
So she staggered to her feet with the little
strenght she had and prayed it was Tony.
And it was Tony.
But there was something wrong with his
countenance, he was staring at her
dangerously, she was scared.
God help me, she prayed.
‘my love’, she called softly ‘how are you?’
He looked at her for a while before
dropping a white eatery nylon in front of
her, she took it and opened it, it was fried
rice, jollof rice (in the same plate) with a
mighty chicken lap and a chivita juice.
She smiled at him gratefully ‘thanks dear,
i’m starving’
He looked away, then she heard him mutter
something, but she didnt hear anything. He
was behaving wierd.
‘Maria woke up,’ he said after few seconds
of silence.
Her heart jumped into her mouth, and she
quickly knelt down.
‘my God, thank you for vindicating me. I
knew you would never let me down. God!
So i’m out of this hell hole’ she said, she
was very happy. Infact, she was no longer
fatigued or hungry. She just wanted to
leave there.
Tony blinked back the tears forming in his
eyes, no! He would never cry in front of a
murderer, never!
She stood up and hugged him, he just sat
there motionless for a while, he wanted to
just stay in her arms for sometime, at least
to hold on to that memory.
Then he pushed her away, violently.
‘stay away from me you murderer!’ his
voice was stern.
She was taken aback for a while ‘honey……’
‘dont honey me!’ he snapped ‘it was you. It
was you who shot her. You wanted her
dead. And it might also be you who killed
your best friend. You decieved me, you
made me believe you are an angel when
you are a devil in disguise’

‘Maria mentioned who it was that shot her.
And it was you!’
‘thats not true!’
‘who on earth would believe a horrible
woman like you, you desperate sl.u.t.!’
Tears trickled down her cheeks ‘Maria said
i was the one who shot her?’
‘my God! Thats a lie. I swear with my life
and that of my son……’
‘you’ve said that a million times!’ he stood
on his feet ‘i dont believe you anymore’
She fell on her knees and grabbed his
trouser ‘i swear i’m innocent. I havent killed
someone in my life, i swear’
A policeman entered immediately ‘we
ransacked her house like you ordered us to
do and we found this,’ he showed them a
transparent nylon with a gun inside ‘we
found this in her room’
Alice gasped.
‘are you going to deny this too?’
Alice cried ‘that gun belongs to my dad. I
swear it Tony, it was in my room because i
used it to threaten Gilbert one day and…..’
‘so you wanted to kill him too?’ Tony
‘sir,’ the policeman said ‘we ran some tests
on the gun and the gun had her

To be continued


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