Alice sat on the floor, her head on the wall
and tears in her eyes. She placed her
hands on her stomach, her pregnancy was
eleven weeks now.
She blinked back the tears that were
threatening to spill. If someone ever told
her that she will in this kind of situation,
she would never have believed.
Locked in this prison for doing something
she knew nothing about, pregnant. The
man she loved abandoned her, her mother,
her best friend lied against her, and she
was here all alone.
It was hard to believe that Tony could
abandon her. And his baby. It was so cruel
of him.
‘of everything you could be, i didnt know
you could stoop so low as to kill someone’
her mother had said when she first visited
her in the cell.
She cried as she remembered that horrible
day, that was two weeks ago. When Ekaite
had come to tell her mother was outside
waiting for her, she felt happy. Very happy,
that at least, she had someone to lean on.
But she wrong.
The moment she saw her mum, tears of joy
had run down her cheeks, and she hugged
But to her utmost dismay, the woman she
called her mother pushed her away with
full force.
‘stay away from me you filth!’ Kofo’s voice
was angry and irritated.
Alice was surprised and at the same time
she wasnt surpised. She had expected that
kind of reaction from her mother, a little.
‘just look at you,’ her mother said eyeing
her scornfully ‘just look at the way you’ve
lost alot of weight. God! It doesnt pay doing
‘you……’ Alice said ‘dont….dont think i….i
committed the…crime i was
accused….accused of right?’
‘i didnt think, i know you committed the
crime. You are so desperate, i know you
can do anything so you could end up with
a rich man but now, here you are, in this
stinking cell, pregnant for a man with a
daughter who hates you. You are the most
foolish person on earth my dear’
Alice sobbed inwardly, hearing her mother
say such things about her was so
heartwrecking. But she wasnt surprised,
she had heard her mother say more
horrible things about her.
‘what of Angela? Is Angela still in the
house?’ she asked with tear filled voice.
‘if not for Angela, what would i have done?
She is the one who takes care of me, make
me forget about the shameless daughter i
have. Right now, i have only one daughter.
And its Angela’
Alice closed her eyes as tears dropped ‘do
you know what Angela did to me?’
‘she told the truth. She is truthful. She
couldnt see evil and cover it up, just like
you. She’s at peace right now, you know
why? Because she exposed evil. Thats why
you hate her’

‘please tell her to come see me’
‘i’m sorry i cant. That would be madness
because you might just kill her. You are a
psycho Alice, i will never let Angela, my
daughter come close to you again, who
knows what more crime you might commit
again. I dont underestimate silly murderes
like you’ she said.
Kofo didnt see it coming, until when Alice
was on top of her, pounding her with all
the strenght she could muster. From
different directions, blows and slaps rained
on her.
It took the intervention of some police
officers to stop her daughter from beating
the living daylight out of her.
By the time they could pull Alice from her,
she had been seriously injured and was
rushed to the hospital. She was bleeding
And the Angela had visited her(Alice) and
warned her never to touch Kofo again.
‘she might not be your mother but she is
my mother now! Dont you dare touch my
mother again’ Angela had warned.
Alice had laughed at her face and even
spat on it.
Angela was really shameless, claiming that
Kofo was now her(Angela) mother. How
It was only a matter time of time before she
realised what a terribe woman she wanted
to have as a mother.
Then, she remembered the particular event
that turned her relationship with her mother
into a bitter one.

To be continued


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