As I was in the kitchen I was having the
premonition that something bad might
happen to me anytime soon, something
was telling me Tilly might come to my
hostel any moment from now and by now
she might be aware that Ken is out of
campus doing his thing at God knows
where, Maabena’s phone rang and as she
checked the number she froze with shock, I
tried asking what the problem was but she
signalled me to keep mute. She answered
the call and immediately I knew the caller,
it was no one but alhaji her future
husband, I excused myself from her since I
was not bothered with the conversation
that was going to transpire between the
two of them. From the way Maabena spoke
I deduced that alhaji was in town and that
he was searching for his future wife, as the
call ended between the two of them
Maabena joined me in the room with my
breakfast, it was Tom brown with toasted
bread and pouched eggs, she served me
and rushed to the bathhouse to freshen up
and leave for her place. By the time she
was done bathing I was also done with my
breakfast and the moment I set sight on
her in my towel my manliness started
showing in my boxer and Maabena saw it,
she request for a quickie or better still for
the road before leaving and I obliged,
without even any foreplay I pounced on her
and devoured her because I knew I might
not get her ever again in my life, about
15minutes later I released heavily into her
and she went back to the bathroom to
clean herself again before dressing up to
I took the opportunity to switch my phone
on only to receive a new text message
from Tilly that she was on her way coming
over to my place, I quickly started putting
things in the right place so that Tilly won’t
suspect me of any infidelity on my path,
Maabena asked me why I was hurriedly
cleaning the room even though she hadn’t
left yet and I lied to her that Ken sent me a
message that his mum is coming to see
him for a discussion so I should try and
put the room in a welcome order for him
since the mother will not take long in
getting to the hostel. She chucked as she
started doing her makeup, when she was
done doing her makeup she went through
her bag and brought out a 10cedis note
bundle of money, she threw it at me as my
pay for the good work I did the previous
night and early this morning and that I
should go and see her off at the car park, I
hid the money in my wardrobe before
following her out of the room to the car

As we were descending the stairs to
the car park, my mum called so I slowed
down my walking pace as Maabena took
the lead to her car, I saw some unusual
faces at the car park that got me
suspicious of something, as Maabena got
to the car to open it some macho men
closed in on her and started harassing her,
a white 4matic Benz drove to their
direction and a slim but elderly man in his
late fifth’s got down from the car and
landed Maabena some dirty slaps before
ordering his men to push her into his Benz,
immediately I knew that was the very alhaji
that she spoke to me about, as foolish as I
was I tried approaching the macho men but
I received a handsome reward of a blow on
my chest that I had to run for my dear life,
in the effort of escaping I fell in a small
gutter in front of the hostel and twisted my
left leg. They drove away in a tough speed
almost knocking some students down,
everyone around attention was shifted to
me but no one was ready to come to my
aid to assist me, I managed to help myself
up and make way to my room to check on
the extent of my injury, climbing the
staircase to my room was the toughest
thing I had even done because I was in
serious pain as to my twisted leg. I got to
my room eventually and got an sms alert, I
checked and it was a mobile money
notification of 500cedis from Ken and in a
few minutes time another alert came which
was 150cedis but this time around I didn’t
know who the sender was, my mum called
to ask if I had gotten any message and of
which I confirmed I had received the money
in my mobile money wallet. The moment
the call ended I saw Tilly’s call coming
through to my phone, I waited for the call
to end and I switched the phone off to
avoid any inconvenience since I had
cooked up a nice lie for Tilly, I placed the
phone under my mattress and as I sat
down I heard an aggressive knock on my
door which got me alarmed and scared
because I feared the alhaji had sent his
men after me………
Just one night stand and my world is
about to cave in on me, who might be at
my door knocking so unfriendly at it?
Am I going to be executed any moment
from now?


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