I was scared to open the door but all of a
sudden the door knob turned and the
person behind the door came in believe me
I was sweating so badly that the person
who opened the door got alarmed and
rushed to where I was seated, it was no
one but my sweetheart Tilly, she asked me
a million questions in a matter of seconds
that I didn’t know which one to answer.
Later she saw my leg which had started to
swell and that is when she realised that
everything was not okay with me, I lied to
her that when she left the party last night
with her to be husband, Ken also left
immediately and when it got late I also
decided to leave to the hostel, some
hoodlums chased me and in my bid to
escape I fell and twisted my left leg, I
further told her that I lost my phone in the
that same attempt, I saw the
disappointment and pain in the eyes of
Tilly, I believe she was battling with her
emotions for the trauma she had put me
through even though I was lying to her, in
my head I was enjoying what was
happening but who cared what Tilly felt
after all she also played with my feelings
and even made me jealous when she left
with that uncultured guy to God knows
where. She offered to take me to the
hospital so my leg could be examined by
an expert whether my injury was serious or
not, she took me to the university hospital
where I was attended to by a doctor and
some x-ray shots were taken during my
session with the doctor, Tilly asked
permission to get some stuffs at home and
by the time she comes back the doctor
might be done with me, she made all the
necessary payments of my bills before
taking leave and in about 45minutes time
she was back to pick me up at the hospital.
I was given a walking stick to help me walk
and was advised not to engage myself in
anything vigorous and also abstain from s-
x if I wanted my leg to heal fast, as we got
to Tilly’s car she handed over a brand new
BlackBerry Bold 5 to me to replace my
missing phone, you can’t imagine my joy at
that time because that phone was launched
just 5days ago in the country, poor man
turned into biggie man all of a sudden, she
brought me back to the hostel and went to
her car to get the stuffs she went in for
back to the room, she sent it to the kitchen
and came back to the room to change
herself, my God if not for this twisted leg
and “stupid advice” from the doctor I would
have pounce on her to devour her into
piece, Tilly wore a hot pant with a
spaghetti top to match and in fact I
couldn’t take my eyes off her body, the
taught of Maabena came to mind and
immediately I flashed that idea out of my
head because if I didn’t do so then I had to
go and make deposit with the money she
gave me at the coffin seller’s shop so that
when eventually the alhaji’s macho boys
killed me, I will save my mother the burden
of buwy a coffin for my corpse. Tilly
cooked for me and stayed with me till
Monday morning before she left for class,
all this while nothing happened between us,
eeeeeeiiiiii the cat has managed to stay
with the mouse in the same room without
any conflict. Before she left she left
500cedis for me to use in her absence and
pleaded with me to keep everything secret
away from her brother once again and
planted a kiss on my lips, wow I was over
2000cedis rich in less than 24hours plus a
latest smartphone owner, I placed my sim
card in the phone the moment I was left
alone in the room and guess who called me
immediately as phone registered my sim

Yes you are right it was Maabena my time
bomb, I warned her in a polite way never
for her to call my linr again and that even
when she see me dying by the roadside
she should just pass me by because I
loved my life the way it was before I met
PROBLEM” was the proverb I said to her
before cutting the phone on her.
Fast forward:
My leg has gotten better and I had even
started attending classes and one calm
Wednesday mid morning Ken came back
from campus very excited and singing
loudly, I was eager to know the reason
behind his joy and he sat me down to
inform me that he and his sister are bound
to leave the country that very evening to
continue the studies in the UK. To him it
was good news but to me it was the worse
news I had ever heard from him, if am
permitted to use this word I will say it is the
badest news ever in my life and the
annoying part of the news was that,
Samuel Acheampong was going along with
them to the UK, I believe his father was the
brain behind this sudden change all of a
sudden. I got a message from an unknown
number to come to the hostel basket ball
court and I was wondering who the sender
of the message was because I didn’t know
who the sender was and the scary part of
the message was that I shouldn’t let my
roommate know that am meeting someone
outside the hostel
Who could the sender be? Was it Maabena
or the alhaji and his boys or maybe one of
Ken’s numerous girlfriends?
Should I take the risk of meeting the
anonymous person?


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