“Queen Olokun” I said standing up properly to see
her face very well, I walk closer and kneel down in
front of her raising her head up. Me: Queen
Olokun. Queen: obo’shan (welcome) Me: at last
we meet. Of course I always want to meet her, she
always appear in my dream so I have be dying to
see her face to face and now that she’s in front of
me she look different and change (not buhari
chain) her long hairs are scattered and she look
rough like someone that has not seen any water
for months, her eyes are dim and her flesh eating
away like Robinson Crusoe in prison, last time we
talk in my dream she was looking nice and
beautiful with her long hair though I didn’t see her
face then but now that she’s near, it’s definitely
not what I expect to see, or what else am I
expecting? she’s in prison for Christ sake. I stand
up and look all her body, she’s in red chains both
on her leg and hand, she can’t even move around
not to talk of standing up, I wish I knew this is
the type of punishment that awaits her I won’t
have bothered myself releasing her, but if I didn’t
release her I won’t get my answers so I gat no
other choice and please don’t blame me. Olokun:
when will you stop starring? Me: am sorry, it’s just
that… Olokun: not what you expect? Me: exactly,
far from what I expect. Olokun: sorry. Me: no am
not saying it’s your fault the people that did this
will definitely pay for it, I will kill Eve by myself.
Olokun: do you think am in pain because of them?
I have been in prison for more than hundred years
now, this place is even better than the hell I came
from. Me: who imprisoned you? Olokun: now is
not the time for stories I know you love telling
stories but please tell me you have a plan. Me: of
course I do, but the person that will help me said
you cursed her and she need you to reverse the
curse before she can help. Olokun: who is the
person? Me: I don’t even know her name but she
said you turn her into octopus. Olokun: oh Queen
Sheba. Me: Sheba? That’s her name? Olokun: yes,
she did something that’s why I cursed her. Me:
what did she do? Olokun: she was using her
beauty to lure men into her world, men were going
missing and the women made sacrifice asking for
my help to destroy the evil taking their men, she
should even be happy that I only curse her not kill
her. Me: oh well we will need you to reverse the
curse. Olokun: if that’s what it takes for you to
succeed then I will reverse it but know that I can’t
perform any magic without my ward. Me: really?

Thought you are the strongest why do you need a
ward? Olokun: even if can do anything not like
this, my strength is gone now and I don’t have the
energy to perform any magic. Me: don’t worry
about that we will get your ward after the battle.
Olokun: which battle? Me: the one coming.
Olokun: let me be watching. : with all the pains
that I have been feeling since no sign of Lady
Octopus, maybe I should inflict more pain on
myself, I stood up and search for the center of the
cell, I used my finger to injure myself and then
blood started rushing out of my hand were I
injured myself, I spray the blood round me
forming a circle, I stand at the middle of the circle
and started singing a song, I was facing the sky.
“Ema du me ma du me hu me, du du du, ema du
me ma du me hu me’ du du du” I continue the
song like that repeating it simultaneously. Olokun:
you even have more tricks and rituals more than
me now. I continue the song and my body started
burning up like am in fire and then my eyes
change to something else like I was seeing what
lady Octopus is seeing, she sense my feelings and
then she dive off from the underwater ship she
started swimming to were I am as she was
coming those gigantic fish started chasing her
again, we saw them and then she pause and
started changing to octopus, she Change
completely before the fish came closer, she punch
them away with her long hands and then continue
moving to were I am, as she get to the beautiful
house warriors guarding it Started shooting her
arrow she sip alot of water inside her large Belle
and then vomit it inside the house, the house
started crashing with warriors drowning


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