As everywhere started crashing
down our cell started shaking but the crash didn’t
affect us because the door is still intact, I can’t
see anything close to me because am seeing what
Lady Octopus is seeing because of the little blood
ritual we performed together earlier before we
separate, Lady Octopus swim inside the castle
filled with water already except our cell, she used
her long hand to defeat the warriors shooting her
arrow, as she swim inside the already destroyed
castle she started searching for me, I on my side
started directing her where our cell is, the castle is
very big it won’t be easy for her to locate us, I
heard Queen Olokun calling my name but I can’t
move any of my body because am hookup with
Lady Octopus already. As she continue searching
for us she saw a small door that she cant fit in,
she try to destroy it but the wall is too strong
more like they built the wall with rock, not
knowing what else to do to enter the small room
she decided to change to her human form, she
change and walk inside the small door and there
on the passage she saw My mother, Eve, Lizzy
and my other friends standing on the road, My
mother look at my friends as if she’s telling them
something and then she spread her hands and
started swimming away including Eve and Lizzy
remaining Lucy, Annabel, Justina and Tera, they
stand guard holding their weapon ready to fight. I
command her not to kill them because they are
my friends too they just lost their memory, they
started running towards her holding their weapon
but Sheba stand firm with no weapon, as Tera get
closer she swing her sword against Sheba but
Sheba shift back and climb the wall, she change
her two hands to the hand of Octopus while her
body remain human, she jump down again and as
she wanted to land Tera swing her sword again to
cut off her head but Sheba bend down and then
raise her big hand up she use it to smash Tera on
the ground burying her there, she stood up and
face the other three, they charge at her at once
and they started fighting, they will cut her hand
but another one will grow within seconds they
fight for long before they started getting tired,
Sheba hang all of them on the wall with a small
pin and then walk pass them and came to the
door where they hold us, she raise up her hand
smash it on the door, the door crash and then as
one block want to hit my head she use her long
hand to draw me closer and then I woke up from
my dream and saw myself on her arm. “Thank
you” I said as the water fill up the room.

Sheba: i
don’t want thank you, you know what I want.
“Hello guys need help here” I didn’t even
remember that she’s inside the room with me,
Sheba use her long hand to smash the chain that
they use to chain her amd then we swim out of
the room, on our way we saw my friends that she
hang on the wall, we took them along with us and
we swim to our ship. Immediately we enter the
ship I told Sheba to give them her fluid but she
refuse saying Queen Olokun must free her before
she free them. Olokun: you know I can’t do that
without my ward. Sheba: then let’s go get the
ward. Olokun: come on just help them, we will
need their help and I promise I will give you back
your younger self. Sheba: I don’t trust you. Me: if
you don’t trust her then trust me, she will do it I
promise you please help them. She think for some
minutes and then she walk to were we chain them
on the ship, she look at them for some minutes as
they struggle to free themselves from the rope we
use in tying them, Sheba took a needle and give it
to me. Sheba: when I change use this needle to
draw my fluid and then inject it on them. Me:
okay. Sheba dive inside the sea and she brought
out her big hand, I use the needle to draw her blue
fluid or blood, I walk to where my friends are and
started injecting them one by one, after injecting
them they all fell asleep on the dock, minutes
later Sheba emerge from the water. Me: so what
do we do now? Sheba: we wait. Olokun: am
hungry, I need my strength and other stuff we
need to go to my coven. Me: is it far from here.
Olokun: yes it will take two days to get there.
Sheba: we need to get the ward first. Olokun:
there are items there that can give me my
strength back and I can lift the curse. Me: better
let’s start going, we can’t fight Eve like this I need
my friends back too so let’s take some time and
visit your coven. Olokun: better.


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