Fine ‘girl’ like Bobrisky, na fans dey rush am (see new photos)

Bobrisky , a Nigerian cross dresser who turned up for an event in Lagos today, showed off his midriff in a cropped top he wore.
The event was hosted by Wazobia FM OAP, Nedu and also had lots of people in attendance. Here are photos and video from the event below;

Busty actress Cossy Ojiakor had disclosed how certain she was, that she’s got the ability to bury the femininity in Bobrisky and make him a man again.
Cossy made this known in an Instagram comment while responding to a fan’s request to share her massive bosom with Bobrisky. “If I handle Bob with correct boobytrap, he go straight up,” she replied.
Bobrisky had before now revealed in an interview on Broadway TV, why he settles for female dresses. He also disclosed that he is now growing boobs because he wants to be the best in what he does. Bobrisky also revealed that he makes over N600,000 on a weekly basis.

According to him, “You know when you are doing something and you are not really good at it; you are not perfect at it; it does not really speak well of you.
“So, for me, I’m trying to be perfect in what I do. So, that’s the way it is, people should just accept it the way it is: Bobrisky is growing breasts.
“I’m not doing anything really serious to grow boobs. I’m just eating and taking some pills. It’s just to give us that cleavage look.
“Bobrisky is a brand. I own a brand, money, fame and I think I have more confidence in me. I make over N600 to 700k on a weekly basis.
“I’m going to call myself an entertainer. I’m partially an entertainer and partially a cross-dresser because I put on female attire.
“The reason I’m dressing in female attire is because I want to entertain people. So its still all under entertainment.”

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