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Completed Stories

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Awkward Ways I Met Girls

Agonies Of A House Help

A Hint Of Darkness

A DATE WITH THE DEVIL: An Encounter With Our Khaki In-Law

Adventures Of A Bad OMO Pastor

A Journey With Step-Mum

A Bastard And A S-lut

Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (S*x, Hatred, Revenge, Love, Betrayed)

Aunty Clara

Aunty Tope

Action In Calabar (18+)

A Man Worth Waiting For

As Deep As The Sea

A Love And Hate Relationship

As You Made Your Bed, So Shall….

Arabella’s Massage

Adanna The Mysterious Aba Girl

All In A Circle (Romance)


Birthday S*x

Blood and Thunder (For A Better Country)

Before The Darkness

Bra Boy (S*x Story)

Barrack Boy

Betrayed By My Body (S*x Story)

Boy Desires (18+++)

Brainy And The Witch Girl


Crime And Adventure

Compulsory Marriage

Community Slu-t (S*x Story)

Confessions Of A Randy Houseboy

Chronicles Of A Runs Girl

Confessions Of A Teenager


Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Cole And The Demon

Cornered (18+++)


Dirty Game

Diary Of A Lekki House Boy

Diary Of A S*x Addict

Demons On Church Street

Day I Dis-flowered One Fine Igbo Girl

Daughter Of A Beggar (Love Story)

Doctor VS Nurse VS Patients (18+)

Diary Of An EKSU Boy

Dirty Little Sl-ut

Diary Of Me And My Missing Part [My Twin Brother And I]

Dance In The Graveyard

Death On Birthday

Diary Of A Broke PlayBoy


Enslaved Secretary

Enslaved Security Man (S*x Story)

Escapades (S*x Story)

Endless Tears

Every Disappointment Is A Blessing

Enslaved Teenagers

Encounter With The Customer Care Lady (18+)

Eating The Forbidden Fruit


Friday The 13th…. “Ever Scary” (Horror)

From Ghetto With Love

Fate Or Mistakes

Free Pu$$y, Free Pregnancy

Flow And Snow (Comedy)

Finding Love

Fredrick, Can You Fvck Me?

First Time For Vicky (S*x Story)

Funke My Sexy Secretary

Final Days In School

First S*xual Fantasy

Favorite, Three Girls, Same School

Fvck And Run

Four Girls, Four Boys, One Weekend


   Game Of The Legend (18+)        


Home Alone With My
Step Brother

Husband Away, Wife Comes Out To Play

How I Started Stealing Pots With Food
On Fire

Home Advantage (S*x Story)

Hot Beans (Comedy)

Holy Bad Boy Turns Baddo

How A Girl’s Visit To My Room Changed My Life (18+)

Housemaid Takes Charge (18+)

HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And S*x Story)

House Of Secrets

House Of Lust (18+)

How I Cherished My Sister


I See Things Others Do Not See


I Have Done Some Great Bad Things

Igbo Boy Wey Like Yoruba (Comedy)

I’m Horny And The Police Arrives

I Bad

Igbo-Smoking Keke Driver

It Was Just A Dream

I’m In Love


Just Wedded



Love And Virginity

Loss Of Dignity


Love Diary

Land Of No Return

Life With Spoilt Neighbours

Legend Of The Fucckers

Love, Lust And Lost

Lonely Wife

Love Life On Campus


My Adventure With An Okada Rider

My P-Man Friend’s Daughter

Most Wanted Maid

Midnight Saga (Romance Story)

My Love Story With My School Mum

My First And Last S*x With My Sugar Mummy

My Encounter With Mami-water (Comedy)

My Dirty Friend

Man Wey Dey Reason (Comedy)

My Landlady, Her Daughters And A Tenant (S*x Story)

My Brother And I Are Not G*y

My I.T Sexcapades

My 2 Weeks At Ibadan Street

Me And My Asaba Jobs (S*x Story)

My Valentine Experience

My Aunty Anna Rose (18+)

My NYSC Diary And The 21 Days In Camp

My Oga’s Wife

My Encounter With A JW (Jehovah’s Witness) (18+)

My First Office Fvck

My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)

My Unfortunate konji Experience (18+)

My Escapades In The North

My One Day Filled Adventure

My First Night As A First Class Prostitute

My Strippers Night Out S*xcapades

My Life In My Pastor’s House

My Mistress’s Sons

My Virgin Story

My Primary 4 Teacher

My Little Sister And Me

Me, My Sister And Her Friends

My Office, My Clients And My Career

My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

My Experience With A Virgin Hunter

My Days At An Undisclosed High School

My Deliverance Ordeal

My Experience At An ATM Machine

My Ordeal With The Ritualist

My First Love

My Father’s Wife

Maxwell (Horror)

My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter

Make Me Your Wife


NYSC: National Year Of S*x And Comfort

Na So You Bad Reach???

Nick The House Help

Nothing Like Love (Cheating Husband)


Online Romance

Our First Meeting (18+)

OROPO; The Village Of The Gods


Pay Back Time

Play Boy

Paradox Of Abel (Horror)

Professional S*x Maker (S*xed And Betrayed)

Pleasure And Pain

Phobia Of Love

Punish Me Lord



Rain S*x

Rob And Rape

Razor Tongue

Rabbit Love

Rush Hour Crush


She Pulled Her Pants… “I Fvcked”

S*x, Robbery And Delivery Service

Sleeping With The Devil

S*x As She Taught Me

Sister Mary


SEXY Tutors

S*x In The Traffic

Sweet Uncle Tosin (18+)

S.E.D.U.C.T.I.O.N (18+)

Snake Ladies

S*xual Adventures Of Johnysky

S*x Seduction

Spiritual Marriage

Seducing The ICT Guy (21+)

Squatting Sam (18+)

S*x, Drugs And Being An Agbero

Saints, Sinners And Stag (18+)

S£x And Fasting

She Belongs To The Kitchen

Sins Of My Past

Shadows From The Past (The Past Came Haunting)

Smiling Baby

She Slept In The Kitchen And Won My Heart


True Love

Tale Of A House Boy

The Revenge (S*x Story)

True Life Story Of A S*x Addict

The Devil Who Loved Me

To Love And To Leave

The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher

The Last Wolf

The Office Called Sodom

The First Day I Toast A Girl

The Neighbours (Romance Story)

The University Village

Teenage Love

The Claw, The Tail And The Cross

The Silent Lover

Transformation Of A Lesb!an

Tales By The Brothel

Tales Of A Campus Guy

The Day I Lost Control (Intimate) 18+

The Molested (18+)

Teenage Studs (21+)

The Bachelor’s Eve S*x

The Male Secretary (18+)

The Heat Of Virginity

The Coward Lover

Three Days To Remember

Tales Of Two Funny Ritualists

The Girl He Never Noticed

The New Form Teacher

The Compound

The Step Mom (18+)

The Boss’ Son

The Mistake Of My Life

The Careless Lover

The Pastor’s Wife

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

The Thorn On My Flesh

The Day I Started Living A Fearful Life

The NightMare

The Village Gardener

The Thriller Night In My Father’s House

Three Days In Ogbele Forest

Three Sisters And A Corper


Underneath The Hijab

Unforgettable Mistake


Valentine’s Day At The Zoo


Wedding Night

Whispers On Christmas Night (Horror)

WASTED YEARS: The Ordeal Of A Pastor’s Son

Who Love Me Most

Web Of Mistakes

Wrong Number




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